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micdotcom: Journalists tells the horrifying story of coming…


Journalists tells the horrifying story of coming face-to-face with Istanbul attackers

Iraqi journalist Steven Nabil was grabbing food at a Sbarro’s inside Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport when he heard the initial gunshots from Tuesday’s attack. Nail had been preparing for a flight home from his honeymoon with his new wife. Instead, he suddenly found himself in the midst of a war zone. Over several tweets he told the harrowing story of hiding in a closet. 

Through social media, he told the world. 

uproxx: The House From 'The Amityville…


The House From 'The Amityville Horror' Is Up For Sale If You’re Crazy Enough To Want To Purchase It

108 Ocean Avenue, now known as 112 Ocean Avenue, is a mint-condition home that happens to also be the place six people were murdered.

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You can now buy the Amityville Horror House! The 11,850 square-foot lot has 5 beds, 3.5 baths, and is listed at $850,000.