It’s a Day Ending in “Y,” So Here’s Another ‘mother!’ Trailer

CREDIT: Paramount

We’re obviously super-duper excited for mother!, what with Darren Aronofsky being allowed to really stretch his auteurist legs and Jennifer Lawrence working in her wheelhouse of Anguished and Emotive. Thus, any day with a new tease for this psychological horror flick is a good day.

This latest clip, in which J-Law walks around her house while dialogue presumably from other…

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A Politician Gave a TV Host a Sex-Ed Lesson During a Live Interview

Good Morning Britain invited Mark McDonald from the Scottish National Party to discuss the government’s move to distribute baby boxes to all new mothers. The boxes, in case you didn’t know, are full of essentials like blankets, clothes and even condoms. This last item sparked the interest of co-host Jeremy Kyle, who is in for Pier Morgan. Apparently Kyle didn’t understand why condoms were needed…

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‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ Trailer Features Sandler, Stiller, and Hoffman Singing Like Fools

CREDIT: Netflix

Here’s a confusing title for you: It’s not “The Meyerowitz Stories,” but “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected).” That parenthetical looks like something tacked on to a new edition of a book, as opposed to part of an actual movie title, but it is part of an actual movie title, so you better just roll with it!

The bigger story here is that this may finally be the next great…

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8 Signs You Aren’t Over Your Ex Yet

One of the hardest part of breaking up with someone, other than actually doing it, is getting over them. When getting over an ex, some have a systems like one night stands or deleting them from everything, some even use math to get over an ex, like saying “it takes half the time you were together to be fully over someone,” for example. But all the tricks aside, it is tough to determine when you…

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Johnny Depp Went Full Jack Sparrow And Surprised Sick Kids

As if we did not love Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow enough, he is giving us another reason to praise him. Depp dressed up as his Pirates of the Caribbean character and surprised a bunch of sick children at British Columbia Children’s Hospital in Vancouver earlier today.

Not only did he dress in full Captain Jack attire, he also played, shared…

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A Waitress Didn’t Recognize Her Country’s Own Prime Minister, so She Sat Him at the Shitty Table

Emma Kelly, is a student who like many others chose to work in the U.S for the summer. The Irish student is working at a restaurant in Chicago on a summer visa. When a fellow Irishmen walked in, she noticed his accent but didn’t think much of it.

After she seated them, a fellow Irish staff member pointed out exactly who he was. The man she met just so happened to be Irelands Taoiseach, in other…

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Seth Meyers Goes All In On Trump’s Lack Of Words Regarding Charlottesville, White Supremacy and Neo-Nazis

Seth Meyers is never afraid to dive head first into politics, and he never shies away from saying exactly what he feel about President Trump. Nothing changed on Monday, Meyers went all in on Trump’s words, or lack their of, regarding the white supremacist neo-nazi violent riots in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Meyers said as he opened his show not holding back on Trump’s lack of leadership,


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